dines at Sumosan...

Mayfair's Sumosan is one of three restaurants worldwide run by the Wolkow family.  It's one of the trendier Japanese restaurants, with groovy music, dimmed lighting and excellent cocktails.

We've been to it several times with friends, and have always enjoyed the extensive menu.  On this occasion we found some of the combinations less successful (toro stuffed with foie gras was definitely a textural challenge) - but if you stick with the various excellent sashimi combinations, you'll be on safe ground.  Yellowtail truffle tiradito was a very welcome variation on the usual hamachi with jalapeño - the strong truffle oil scent giving way to a crisp and citrus dressing.  The sashimi selection was also very good, particularly the scallop and sweet shrimp.

There's no doubting the quality of the raw ingredients, and there's an extensive range of options available.  There's also a decent variety of sake to suit a variety of budgets.  If you'd prefer a more intimate option than the monolithic options close by, it's definitely worth a spin.

Rock shrimp tempura, with a creamy spicy sauce

Yellowtail truffle tiradito
Sashimi selection, including salmon, scallop, yellowtail, sweet shrimp and sea bass 
Toro stuffed with foie gras

Beef medallion, with a wasabi miso sauce and artichoke

26b Albemarle Street,
London W1S 4HY

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