One of the few advantages of age is decades of eating at some of the most remarkable restaurants in London. Many of my favourites have bitten the dust for one reason or another, but I'm lucky enough to have eaten at La Tante Claire, The Oak Room, the old Savoy Grill, Mirabelle... Chefs have honed their skills only to give up their knives. 

I started the blog because I'm passionate about food - the provenance of food - and its sustainability. I prefer fine dining restaurants, but I'm a keen cook, and sourdough maker. I like to promote worthy producers, shops and suppliers, and especially local suppliers.

In addition to my food interests, I’m obsessed with the Renaissance, and have a BA in English and an MA in Renaissance Studies. I am particularly interested in Florentine art, and the patronage of Cosimo de Medici and the Medici family. My MA dissertation was based around The Construct of the Medicean Magi in Quattrocento Florence.

I curate The Aesthetic Diary, listing up and coming visual art exhibitions on around London at the moment. Wearing my art critic hat, I also contribute to the Arbuturian and BespokeRSVP blog.

I tweet as: @RenEpicurean @Bebejax, @RenaissanceNews, @RenaissanceWire and @AestheticDiary.  

My articles have appeared in The Bespoke Black Book, The Arbuturian, and I've just written something for The Foodie Bugle.

Whether, it's fine-dining, the renaissance or art - do say hi when you’re next on Twitter.


I'd like to make clear that if a review is posted on this blog, we've paid for our own supper! We don't accept free meals, though a chef may sometimes send something extra for us to try - if this is the case, it will be reflected in the the review!   This is not just because I think it effects my opinion of a dish, but I also passionately believe it is a matter of respect to pay for the time and effort a kitchen puts into its dishes, day in, day out.  I'll also sometimes show a chef part of a review before I post it to clarify a technical detail, especially where a dish has a molecular ingredient or unusual technique. This does not alter the review, and no chef has ever asked me to amend my opinions.