dines at Ben Spalding's Pop-Up...

Ben's menu for the evening
Appalling photographs I appreciate - but I wanted to put them on the blog to show the inventive talents of Mr @benspalding1. Ben did a one-night-only popup at Ben's Canteen, and these photographs are from that event.

I've been a huge admirer of Ben since I tasted his food at Roganic - I've even been the proud owner of Ben's mince pies for the Mince Pie project. There was never any question that Ben would find his way in the world, and though this meal wasn't perfect, I'm amazed he was able to produce anything at all from such a ridiculously tiny kitchen.  I'd follow Ben anywhere to eat his food, and nothing has changed that opinion!

A box filled with mulberry tea, to smell upon arrival - smelled delicious!

Broad beans warmed in mutton fat,
mackerel cured in seawater, shallots broccoli and honey,
caramelised cauliflower and sea blite,
knackerbrod with creamed "chicken of the woods",
Devon blue with san marzano jam and wild basil,
fermented mung bean paste seasoned with BBQ sauce


White crab, pumpkin, lichens, grilled cucumber, cloudberries and smoked yoghurt 

Jerusalem artichokes cooked in soil overnight,
spruce, various beetroots and black grape juice

Poussin poached in salted butter, hazelnuts,
onion, and sauce flavoured with roasted pineapple

Whipped whey butter, roasted fern carrots, bran soft and iced lemon thyme

Original beans with lemongrass and ginger,
lingonberry marshmallow,
tonka bean shortbread,
peanut butter fudge,